Services provided:


· Clinical assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prescribing by an

 experienced and registered Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

· Family and Child Psychotherapy provided by a experienced and registered

 Family Therapist

· Medicare rebate for services not limited by capped sessions and not

 requiring a mental health care plan

· Liaison and collaboration with GPs and allied health providers

· Referral to medical specialists to provide a holistic approach to

 psychosocial health and wellbeing

· Clinical supervision for professionals 














Clinical conditions including:

· Depression

· Anxiety

· Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

· Intellectual Disability

· Autism

· Family and relationship issues

· Impact of family violence

· Physical and sexual abuse

· Major mental illness

· Carer stress

· Managing life changes

 including physical illness


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Peninsula Family Therapy & Counselling

provider of community based interventions

Family Therapy & Counselling

provider of community based interventions


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